Discover the Best Volumizing Shampoo: Ultimate Comparison Guide!

Every woman dreams of having hair that bounces and shines as they walk.  However, not everyone are capable of achieving that kind of effect for their hair; especially for those who have thin hair. If you are one of the many who have natural thin hair or you are experiencing thinning hair due to stress, aging, illness, or poor nutrition; not to worry as there are various proven methods that will help your hair appear thicker and fuller.

One of the safe and inexpensive method is to use Volumizing Shampoo. But from our experience, it can be daunting to choose the best volumizing shampoo from the hundreds that are available. So the interactive chart of volumizing shampoo below will help you make an informed decision.

Comparison Guide and Key

Included in the matrix are 6 columns:

  • Image of the shampoo
  • Shampoo brand and name – (Click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Price – These are approximate prices on Prices fluctuate constantly due to promotions and availability. Click on the name to get the updated price.
  • Liquid Weight – These refers to the volume of shampoo available excluding the weight of packaging.
  • Average Price – Price per ounce of the shampoo – (Value for Money)
  • Amazon Rating – The average consumer rating on Provides an idea of customer satisfaction.

*To help make your decision easier, you can sort the data by clicking on each column.

Volumizing Shampoo Image
Volumizing Shampoo Brand and Name
Liquid Weight
Average Price
Amazon Rating
Volumatherapie Full Lift Volumizing ShampooVolumatherapie Full Lift Volumizing Shampoo by Matrix$15.3016.0 oz$0.965.0
Joico Volumizing ShampooJoico Volumizing Shampoo
$12.2010.1 oz$1.205.0
Onesta Volumizing ShampooOnesta Volumizing Shampoo$24.4933.0 oz$0.745.0
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening ShampooPaul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo
$29.9533.8 oz$0.894.9
Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing ShampooHerbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo
$14.9123.7 oz$0.634.9
Eufora Volumizing ShampooEufora Volumizing Shampoo
$19.7510.1 oz$1.964.8
Bain De Terre Lemongrass Volumizing ShampooBain De Terre Lemongrass Volumizing Shampoo
$8.2513.5 oz$0.614.7
Biomega Volume Shampoo Unisex Shampoo by AquageBiomega Volume Shampoo Unisex Shampoo by Aquage
$16.9510.0 oz$1.704.7
John Allan's Thick, Deep Cleansing Volumizing ShampooJohn Allan's Thick, Deep Cleansing Volumizing Shampoo
$17.0012.6 oz$1.354.6
Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo With PumpAussie Aussome Volume Shampoo With Pump
$9.9429.2 oz$0.344.6

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What is Volumizing Shampoo?

Volumizing shampoos are shampoos that are designed to give hair a fuller, thicker appearance. Certain shampoos will even repair damaged hair and promote new hair growth. If you’re looking to increase the thickness of your fine, thinning hair, then choosing a shampoo for volume is always a good idea.

Shampoo for volume often has some form of protein as its key ingredient. Usually, this is wheat or rice protein, though silk protein is sometimes used in high-end shampoos. Some company will combine all three proteins, which will help to repair and protect your hair if it is damaged. Proteins also strengthen the hair shaft, which will make your hair feel fuller and stronger.

Another ingredient in this type of shampoo is called panthenol, which is a derivative of vitamin B5. This applies a protective coat to the hair and makes it look shiny and healthy. In addition, some shampoos use caffeine to stimulate the scalp, while others include arginine, an amino acid that helps thicken the hair shaft and strengthen the follicles so that fewer hairs fall out.

How to achieve maximum result from Volumizing Shampoo?

You should use the shampoo consistently in order to get the best results. Massage the shampoo carefully into your scalp, and then leave the lather on your hair for one to two minutes before rinsing it out. Following up with a volumizing conditioner also helps. In addition, a good diet and healthy lifestyle will help to promote thicker, stronger hair.

Consulting a professional can also help, but thinning hair can be often be revitalized through the use of special hair care products. So if you want to promote new hair growth and strengthen the hair you already have, consider making a shampoo with volumizing ingredients part of your hair care routine.

How to Choose The Right Shampoo?

Now that you have decided to use a volumizing shampoo to obtain a fuller looking hair, you must be wondering which is the best volumizing shampoo for you. Picking the one that is most suitable for your hair is a daunting task considering that there are literally hundreds of different types of shampoo brands. However, below are some pointers that will help you in your decision making.

How Long The Volume Lasts

Firstly, when choosing a volumizing hair shampoo, you need to check how long the volume effect will last. Some shampoos are able to produce the desired effect through out the whole day.  However, there are those where the results last for only a short period of time thus not providing the necessary lift for your hair throughout the whole night. You should start by checking the label on the shampoo bottle which might indicate how long the volume will lasts, but you should also check online for reviews from real consumers.

If The Shampoo is Drying

Sometimes, a hair volumizer shampoo can actually dry the hair out, and you do not want to use one that does this. So the second thing that you need to inspect before deciding is if the shampoo will dry out your hair. Dry hair can break, and this type of hair is more susceptible to split ends. Therefore, be sure to look for a volumizing shampoo that also moisturizes and does not have a dryness effect to your hair.

Volume = Frizz and Poof?

You should also be aware of what type of volume the shampoo is going to give to your hair. A hair volumizer should definitely amplify the strands, but the ‘do should still be polished. Unfortunately, some volumizing shampoos will actually make the hair frizzy and poof. In fact, brushing the hair after using these types of shampoos might be impossible. This is definitely something you need to take note of as you do not want to sacrifice your hair style, and be force to spot a different hairdo just because you used the wrong volumizing shampoo.


While you might think that all volumizing shampoos are fairly close in price, this is not the case. Depending upon whether the shampoo is purchased at a drugstore, a department store or online such as, you will find out that a huge gap can exist in price. On top of that, different brands will have a different set of prices too. For instance, a bottle could be a few dollars, or it could well be over $20. However, more expensive is not always better, but instead you should consider the strength of the product as well as how much a bottle contains.

While you do need to look for certain qualities in a volumizing shampoo, the task does not have to be terribly overwhelming and difficult. Often, stylists or consultants at high-end beauty product stores are able to provide excellent recommendations for you to achieve gorgeous volume. Or you can also check out the Ultimate Volumizing Shampoo Guide that we have created which is aimed at helping you have a better idea of the different volumizing shampoos base on data and facts.

Review of the top 3 Volumizing Shampoo

As we all know, there are thousands of shampoos that help to create volume and each shampoos have its pros and cons; but there are a few volumizing shampoos that we just have to highlight as our favourites. Below you will find 3 of the best volumizing shampoo along with a brief review for each.

Joico Volumizing Shampoo Review

Joico Volumizing ShampooIf your hair is naturally thin, flat or even just normal, there’s no reason why you can’t have fuller, thicker looking hair. Joico Volumizing Shampoo has successfully been satisfying customers by providing a shampoo formula that increases volume and body.

The average price of the shampoo on Amazon is $12.20 for a 10.01 oz bottle. If purchased with a two pack of Joico Volumizing Conditioner, also in a 10.01 oz bottle each, the bundle price will increase to about $18. Joico’s Volumizing Shampoo has a 5 out of 5 star Amazon rating with a rank of 80,567 on the site, in the beauty category. Its sellers find themselves constantly re-stocking the product due to its effectiveness and popularity.

Joico Volumizing Shampoo is available in a Unisex formula, so both men and women can benefit from its rich effects. Not only will the shampoo transform each strand into thicker ones, the shampoo will also make hair more manageable perfect for styling. [Read Full Review]

Biolage Full-Lift Volumizing Shampoo Review

Biolage Full-Lift Volumizing ShampooBiolage Full-Lift Volumizing Shampoo is a salon-grade formula that will boost your volume and shine without weighing it down. It’s free of parabens and silicone, and is 100% free of artificial dyes. A perfect shampoo for daily use, it can safely cleanse your hair of the debris and product build-up from everyday styling. Safe for color treated hair, this product will provide a lightweight fullness without buildup or dullness.

Matrix recommends using this shampoo in conjunction with the Full-Lift Volumizing Conditioner and mists as well. Users with fine, thin hair rave about how much healthier and fuller their hair looks after using Biolage shampoo. Even curly girls comment on the difference the products make on their hair, lifting curls that were previously pulled down by their own weight. The 33.8 oz bottle is listed at $22.75 with a 5-star rating on Amazon, but is also available in smaller bottles or in a twin-pack with the Biolage Full-Lift Volumizing Conditioner. [Read Full Review]

Onesta Volumizing Shampoo Review

Onesta Volumizing ShampooOnesta Volumizing Shampoo is a volumizing shampoo that delivers results instead of making false promises like most other brands. It is an all natural shampoo with rosemary and lemongrass in it. Available in either a 16.3 ounce or 33 ounce bottle, Onesta Volumizing shampoo costs around $20.00 and $24.49 respectively. This shampoo leaves hair clean, shiny and full of volume all day. Only a small amount is needed to make a good lather, which means that it lasts a long time. On Amazon, this shampoo gets five out of five stars. Customers raved about Onesta Volumizing Shampoo’s smell of fresh flowers and the fact that it leaves no build-up. It is free of sulphate and sodium chloride, and will not fade hair color. One customer remarked that Onesta Volumizing Shampoo made no difference in their hair, but most people who purchased it claimed that it was the best shampoo they had ever used. [Read Full Review]